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‘Life is Hard’ – Chapter 1 Review

First things first! Your humor is effortless and genuinely relatable and you use it generously in your story. I was cracking silly in the second paragraph (Life is hard) and am in the office with colleagues, imagining two sets of excited ovaries making music.
For instance, I can’t wait to read Miracle Healing next time I am riding the matatu home.
I love the fact your stories use easy and simple words and your unique structure of sentences is effortlessly comprehensible. This is a book that teenagers will actually enjoy because your vivid description forms closer-to-real imaginations (so much soda, enough to down 3 elephants with diabetes). Yes, you have a distinct writing style (writer personality) that I would say I have not ‘tasted’ elsewhere.
Now and then you will precociously throw us some jargon and it will excite the reader to actually look its meaning up. Deeper, I understood it complements the line of the humor that culminates eventually.

Swear you will tell us about the day the tom-boy classmate wore a miniskirt!! Swear it, Djo!

Reader Capture
Your humor is so raw and unpredictable that I certainly know that I want it again and again. I will probably get home and I want to relax, then it will hit me. Yes! I will retrieve this chapter from my phone storage and laugh away the day’s pressure. The characters and the places you mentioned (personally) in this chapter are so relatable and tangible; I will definitely recall and try picturing how you fell on your first bike at the roundabout at Sarit Centre.
If I have never met you and I believe the embarrassing moments you describe here are true, I would definitely wish to buy you a drink. I mean, I would like to know (over a beer) if you paid back Mama Mboga for the nyanyas and vegetables you trampled when you fell from your bike in Ruaka.
Since these are stories about your life, I am captivated by the range of emotions captured here: From the goofy encounters in class and at the hospital, to your motorcycle tragedies and embarrassing moments, into situations you refer deeper meaning of life from (Wollof and Kinte and breaking my bikeginity). This range diversifies audience capture and creates suspense in the next storyline.
I can’t wait to have my copy of Now You See Me!

Love…chasing and evading it – Chapter 4. Review.

This is good. Really good! I am your greatest fan (you are multitalented!), and in my short thate something years on this planet, I have no doubt you are one of the few great storytellers I am lucky and proud to have made an acquaintance. Your work is emotion-evoking, Mushy, funny, sad, and leaves one wanting to understand the source of your creativity, talent, and superb grasp of the queen’s language. My favorite memoirs in this chapter are “Riding to Kilifi” because it’s too awkward & too funny. My second favorite is “Deadly Egossage.” 

I love your work. Please send me a few copies once the book is published!

What, if instead of rushing through life and wondering “how time flies”, we lived in the present and soaked in the beauty around us?
These short and very short stories bring out the life and the humanity in everyday situations and encounters.
Witty and thought-provoking.
Waiting for part 2!

I love the story very interesting and the humor in it it’s awesome and most of all one is longing/eager to know more

If there ever was such a thing as a serendipitous book, this is. Brevity is the soul of wit, and I love the way the author appropriately decides where to done a maxi dress and where to step out in a mini skirt. The author does not over indulge in verbose dialogue or in unnecessary use of looong lugubrious words to point out what he wants us to see nor does he cast too much secrecy on meaning and intend. I initially thought to myself, “I will read the first 10/43 pages and decide if it is worth my time or not, take breakfast, then read the rest, if at all. I found myself looking for page 44 …

This book is looking promising. Might turn out to be one of those non-put-downable. Try it. If you find yourself kidnapped and have to pay a ransom to free yourself from the book, kindly don’t blame the author.

When the final edition is out, I hope to be among the first 100 to purchase it, or maybe I can pre-order and get copy number 008?

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Highly Recommended 5 Star read.

It would be an injustice to describe this book by one word. It is a mix of captivating, mind-boggling, emotional, witty, and thought-provoking. A very chill read. I expected nothing less if previous stories by you, Djo, fictional or otherwise, were anything to go by.

I love the illustrations in the book. A person who loves their job, and it shows.

The Cover design is fitting, the butterflies and bats especially; their placement, the black and blue shades, and how they go well with the title of the Book.

I loved all the stories in the book but especially:

The Nameless Monster
I felt, targeted. A very thought-provoking read for one who dares look within. Very relevant in today’s world.

Breaking My Bikeginity
As a biker, I chuckled all through this.

Wollof and the Mutt
Who doesn’t love a good dog story?

Together, Alone, and a Train wreck
Very emotional. Laying oneself bare to the world.

Leprous Envelopes
Tenda wema, nenda zako.

Do tell though, what was that song you asked your friend to listen to? I want to hear something…

It’s an honour knowing you my Friend. This was a well executed book, the beginning of a great journey ahead.

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Very well written and captivating stories. Some are very short and leave you craving for more. The simplicity of the stories makes it easy to read. The fact that these are every day happenings, one connects emotionally. “I’m his father” should be the one that brought out the strongest emotions for me. I love the illustrations! Absolutely amazing. They are also thought provoking and challenge the reader to be more aware; “Glitch in the matrix”. We forget to do some things like honor the raising and lowering of the flag.
On the illustrations… absolutely amazing.

I absolutely enjoyed the read. Djo has a way of bringing even the simplest of stories to life, a phenomenal writer to say the least. There’s a sense of bluntness in these stories that is so refreshing to read. You can tell he has a way with words based on how he writes. Listen, if you’re up for some day today stories with a twist, this is your book. It will captivate you from start to finish. I absolutely loved it! Well in Djo. This is definitely a masterpiece.

Mhhhhh ,Djo has a unique way of how he pens down his words, I get a notification on social media that he has uploaded a new post and I dash there knowing humour is about to slap me a good one. I know with this book coming out, we shall be laughing and learning alot, his spirit of adventure…send some my way my friend…can’t wait to get a hold of this book. Finally! For those who do not know the amazing writer…keep making this world more happy with your stories, keep travelling so that we may see the world though your eyes…super excited 🤗🤗🤗

And now I know Your mom is a medic too.

Poor wollof may he continue resting in peace.

Was Alfred Musyoki ever found?

😂😂😂😂Brenda …Tanzanians are good with Swahili but ikifika ni kutype utafikira ni msapare…rrrrrrrr

You should try the tz Uber drivers they are a pain in the ass my trips end with me blocking most of them if not all until I settled for one who doesn’t make much noise …he is my all time plug if am not driving.

Huuuhh a 20 seconds greeting 🤦🏾‍♀️

F*@#$ I loved pages 78,79& 80 31st august 2017.

Huduma center aaaah when I learnt u need a little touch up before going there , for once I have an official document with a pretty face on it… zingine I look like a thug 😢

Damnnnnnn El mariachi. ..aliwachwa tu Ivo….but it was a win for you.

🥺Pole Djo

Ooh Olaf I love Olaf and the songs are not really annoying. Do you wanna build a snowman????

Awwww God bless the little soul for giving you a card.

I hope the construction worker wasn’t a con too…u did well hongera.

Ends with Muthee , may he continue resting in peace.

It’s exactly 1330 that I have finished reading the book it’s really nice.

Hongera Joseph

Finally, I got my copy, signed – by the maestro himuselefu – Kitui Djothefu – a memoir. Man, it’s gripping.

Now You See Me.

It’s eclectic, full of disorder. And, that’s bewitching. I love the disorder.

I’ve got new books – stacked, read halfway. Because their plot perfectly aligns. You easily tell who dies, marries, murders or barbecues their cousin.

Not this book. The plot jumps, jumps.

The author’s mind train feels like my son’s bedroom – everything’s a total mess – but, place still feels divine. A sacred shrine.

You don’t know whether to scold, or sit and revel in the little devil’s temple.

The bookmarker. Damn. I didn’t go to campus, but makes me miss my campus girlfriend. She’d rock erotic little strings. Often, blue satin.

I’m trying hard to get Djo’s voice out of my mind.

It’s a collector’s gem. Well done, mate.

Captivating, thought-provoking, beautiful, amean…. The list is endless. This is a peculiarly beautiful book I’ve ever set my eyes, hands and mind on. Written differently while still standing out for more than its difference. The stories.

You have a way of making someone smile and laugh while still critically synthesizing what they are reading and that’s remarkably astounding.

The first thing that caught my eye about this book was its cover. A cover that demands of a curious eye to be read, dissected.

The illustrations… Damn! Thoughtfully bewitching and intriguing. My favorite is the ‘zebra-elephant’.
This was wholesome. I can’t wait for your next piece.

Now I see you. I hope.

Djo strongly captivates you in this humorous collection of stories. When you are saying ,”okay ,I finish this bit then go and sleep” guess what? an hour later you’re turning to the next chapter. 

The humor & suspense tightens one’s grip onto the book, and even your plumber’s call after eating a plate of githeri doesn’t move you an inch. (If you know you know).

Through Now you see me, we’ve travelled together, laughed, made faces et al, and I look forward to read more of his stories. { Catch some of them out at }

He reminds us to be real and not hold back from enjoying life as it is.

Alaa! (insert an Atwolic voice) An actual book, an exemplary one at that, out of regular, every day experiences. Who would’ve thunk!!

I can’t remember being glued to a book this much. The fact that I went from story to story in raw anticipation, not knowing what it’d be about or what feeling it’d elicit is A1.

This has been humorous, emotive, thought-provoking, sobering, and so much more. Now I’ve seen you and I can’t wait for the next one.

This is a book that is beautifully written and just makes you realise how different we are yet we are very much the same in many ways. Djo basically gives us a sneak peek of his life and his daily activities. I picked a few life lessons in those very few yet captivating pages.
The humour in the book will make you laugh out loud and the sad moments will make you sympathise with Djo though not long enough because this gentleman has literally made lemonade from lemons.
I wouldn’t hesitate to read your next book.

Now you see me is a great read… very humorous and a wonderful reader experience. Definitely worth my investment-monetary and time wise. The nameless monster was among my favorite collection (among). Would definitely read again the way someone would watch reruns of friends or Big Bang theory 😁.

Special thanks to *Manu a.k.a Akoth* for were it not for her extending an invite to the DIY mechanics class which you took us through, and the Loita hills trip, I might never have read ‘Now you see me’, or known what a Torque wrench is 😄 (or would I 🤔)… Looking forward to Whisperings of Cheper and other books Inshallah.

Good job Jothefu 👏🏾👏🏾 for the stories, the attention to detail with the publishing, illustrations, and the QR code which made it so much easier to leave a review 🤭🙃

It has been quite an experience reading this book. From the cover page and the preview I knew that I would be in for a great ride; the author did not disappoint.
The illustrations are amazing. DJo is so talented! And he is also committed to what he does, no wonder he gets all these opportunities.
Now to the actual content… I have scratched my head trying to point out my favourite story and to be honest, it is not an easy task. These stories are all so raw and relatable. The author has used a style of writing that can be followed by all. And no matter how short or long the story is, he manages to add some humour in it and that is just so remarkable about how he sees life. Nevertheless, I know I’ll read ‘Mr. Preacherman’ a couple of more times than the other chapters. Kudos!

Sooooo last week, I was a pillion through Djo’s mind as I read his book …Now you see me.
I love books…. physical books. I love how they feel… it’s turning the pages and getting into the mind of the writer for me.
With Djo’s book-Now you see me, each page felt soft, smooth and my fingers could not stop….🫣 ( Why does this feel like a line from a mills and boon book?)
Anywho….I digress.
For me, Now You See me allowed me to ‘see’ Djo’s intricate thoughts. I laughed….I journey through some of his most valuable moments in life…I saw his authentic self.
Now You see me…is about being humbled by life’s lessons, being brave even when you reallllllllllly feel spineless and just being you. That’s what, I ‘saw’ Djo bring out of himself.
Thank you Djo for sharing your stories with the world.

The memoir is filled with different stories and perspectives of a mind that is so beautiful.We get to see a man that wants to be seen in different fussests of his life without being put in a box in which an African man is usually placed most of the time sadly.Not just as the man that loves motorcycle rides and reading but one that loves writing too and gets to create his first book. 

To me this memoir sounds like a love letter to Joseph himself or djo and his readers.Through the beautiful setting of Nairobi and the travels of Kenya in plains of Nakuru and Kitale.

It is breathtaking to hear and read about a phenomenal human being allowing us to see and feel seen in an exquisite and delightful way that communicates those conversations we have with ourselves”kujiita meeting”and we cannot really tell in public spaces.

In this book you get a glimpse of a brief memoir that speaks about a man’s life and the language is conversational .

This book we get suggestions given on how boys that would one day become men and father and should be involved in the menstruation cycle discussions that otherwise would have been a hush hush topic, how easily we find the need to hide our true selves,we get to see the relationship between a father and a son,The opportunities we get and chances we take,the religion we are so willing to protect without understanding of the Why?
And also the power of Ego and the words that define us ,the blind trust that we give into ,the impact of cultural values and the little conversations that are intentional to have with people around us,Just to mention a few things.

And through humor ,the illustration and chapters that are immersed with wisdom and knowledge placed within the book you get to see the world of a man that has allowed us in his therapy season,healing and grace of the philanthropic work he does ,relationship he created and the end of some of those relationships and above all he made you feel seen because .

The book is a quick read ,but leaves a lasting impression because of the journal format used to tell the story ,you feel you are part of a little secret that only 3 people know about.

Lastly, To pick my favorite part in the book would be hard, To pick was it page 138 , The little girls and their parents at KCB ATM or would it be page 129 where we see a mental health battle, or would it be little girl in page 112 saying thank you,or is it page 105 a love of a mother or page 80 the bodaboda guy,But all in all there is something for everyone because this are not JUST journaled memoirs but lessons with wisdom.

You can to get the book, through the following links.

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Review by: Danuta Ochieng.

Date:30th November 2022.

Now You see Me keeps you glued to it. Once you start reading the first story, you just want to keep going, you forget that you have other things to do. I love the illustrations, the art is really good.
The book is hilarious.

I don’t consider myself a book reader, so I wouldn’t pass your love test 😂. But I read articles, blogs, short stories that have a quick ending. I’ve faithfully read Bikos articles every Tue for close to 3 years now.

That’s my type of reading. But this book, I read it in 2 sittings. In most stories I wanted to reach out to my phone & message you, then hold back coz I know the phone would distract me into doing other things.

Well written, your way with words, how you express yourself, all beautiful. I was glued to the end.
I can’t imagine that you’d have kept these stories for yourself in that journal. Thanks for sharing it.

Looking forward to the next! Keep the humor.

The fun is in the footnotes 😂
Good job Djo!

Why the bats and butterflies on the cover? Just curious 😁

I enjoyed the book; when I came to the end of it I felt like the band zombies you described when electricity goes off mid-service…. you have had rich experiences and it was a pleasure getting snippets into your past. I was moved by the deaths of Muthee and all your friends whose life you shared about. 😔May they rest in peace.

Ready for the next book, please!

It is charming to read about someone allowing us to feel, Through a book in an appealing way that communicates those conversations we always have with others and most importantly ourselves privately.

Within each chapter ,There is something relatable in the memoir that I sincerely enjoyed. I would give more love to chapters 2,4 and 5 respectively.

The book is a quick read that leaves you craving for more since it makes you feel like part of the story told, there is just a way the book brings you home by the words,The scenarios the writer uses.

But all in all, “Now You See Me” is an interesting book to invest time in reading. I’m looking forward to the next book.

P.s Open your wallets for this book, The lasting impression is Masterful and Unparalleled.

Most books I have read always had that expected ending… But the fact that this book makes you question reason whilst laughing along… Occasionally witty commentary.. I’m truly obsessed… I have had a Couple of stories that really got me cackling….i jus had to reread… Djo I need the next memoirs….like my life depends on it… Jus keep them coming🙌🔥🔥

This is an amazing read that filled my two day read sprint with much needed laughter and precise imagination of scenarios. Loved the book immensely. Thanks to Duncun Zak for recommending this book. Truly a great read. Looking forward to more.

you have a clever and funny way of putting his stories. Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. I may have ruined a couple of relationships at work, but it was completely worth it. Cant wait to sample more of your works.

Loved the deep silent observations that are poured into paper that keep flowing and you just want to keep reading on and on. And the laughs it brought! Was a great writing challenge as usual. Keep up the good works Djo.

Right from the first story ‘life is hard’ anyone can tell its going to be an interesting read. Your sense of humor is so on point you find yourself laughing alone outloud. The stories are so relatable they got me replaying my own ordeals like English leaving the room when conversing business, riding hot into blind corners I’ve had several unforgettable ordeals of my own that ended up with me in unpleasant situations. ‘The neighbor I miss’ my favorite I’m that neighbor whose always unbothered by shenanigans 🤪. Your writing is impeccable and you have your way of keeping the reader glued wondering what the next page is about. Can’t wait to read the next one . The last story is sad I’d grown to love muthee’s character because not many mechanics allow you to learn as they fix your stuff. May he rest in eternal peace . See you in the next one. I highly recommend 👌

Such a read, the great Memoir of our time.
Now You See Me,I particularly enjoyed the read especially preacher man Brenda story (52)I was befuddled than the lensman of the day 🤣
The travel memoirs consume me with wanderlust.

Mom read some stories here and she is worried about Ticha Maureen after the text message. The cover snigger,she won’t stop making the face!

I would definitely recommend this book anyday,looking forward to Whisperings of Cheper soonest.